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mr. x : bass guitar


DON DEPEW formerly of BREAKER, THE FLAMING TELEPATHS, COBRA VERDE and GUIDED BY VOICES plays bass guitar both live (when SPTY is in Cleveland) and on record. Don's signature bass playing adds a whole new dimension to SPTY (Meta-SPTY!) and we're thrilled (and dumbfounded) that he finds time to help us out. Don is also a masterful engineer and producer. He runs 609 RECORDING out of Bedford, Ohio.

JERRY DEL ROSSO of ELIZABETH and THE MICHAEL SHUPP BAND has been on hand several times. We always enjoy working with him and appreciate his constant willingness to jump in at the last minute.

ERNIE FRATE of 3 SENSE SHY made himself available throughout the summer of '99. Normally an acoustic slinging frontman of the best cover band you'll ever see--or hear--he proved a flamboyant and energetic addition to the SPTY family.

DAVE LANGLEY of THE SISTERS OF MORRISSEY was the original SPTY bassist. He left the group in the Spring of '99 due to your usual "musical differences." Currently, he is working on finishing up the much anticipated TSOM CD release. He's also started his own production company PICTURES & PLAYERS.

MEAGAN PERKINS formerly of PRINCESSED joined SPTY in December '99. She wrote, recorded and performed with the band through August '00. In addition to leaving us with a broadened fashion sense, she will appear on our second release "Singularity" (due out sometime in this millennium). Meagan is currently attending Berklee in Boston, MA. We wish her much luck and hope to work with her again at some point in her sure-to-be illustrious musical career.

DAN ROCKHOLT plays bass guitar just as good as he plays lead. Dan and Don share bass playing duties on our upcoming CD "Are We There Yet?" which is due out (for real!) in October '00. Currently, you can catch Dan playing bass live with several bands: THE EBB AND FLOW, 3 SENSE SHY and POWER LLOYD.

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