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mr. blonde : bad guitar

MR. BLONDE likes to make noise. Making up for years of piano training, most of which did not easily translate to the guitar, he developed his unique sound and is the unchallenged King of Feedback. But that's not all he does. Rivaling Special Ed's onstage antics, SPTY"s resident Mister will do drag, disorderly conduct and just about anything to stir up a good time.

Mr. Blonde, like most of SPTY, loves to play around. He has been involved in many musical projects: The Kingdom of Leisure, The Doldrums, Kismet, The Sisters of Morrissey, The Young Professionals and The Juke Joint Jokers. On the Jazz side (the real stuff, not that fake Kenny G shit), he's played piano with The Bruce Middle Group, Jerry Gordon and Tony Addison.

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