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gina x machina : chick singer

GINA X MACHINA likes Persian cats and Rock 'n Roll. She is that all-too-rare commodity these days: a woman who rocks. No warbling, no yodeling, no whining. Just singing. Possessing an impressive range of expression, Gina delivers her sly, wry and poignant lyrics with just the right amount of dramatic embellishment. She credits her powerful singing style to the boys in the band: "I'm just trying to be heard above those damn Marshalls."

"As lyricist and front-woman, she is the band's artistic center. With subtle charm and screaming defiance, she burned a hole through the doubting Thomases fortunate enough to be present for this rare appearance."
Jason Pualoa, Pitch Magazine

Other projects include: Kismet, The Young Professionals and Snap Pop!

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