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Web Links

The Magic 8-Ball:

The Public 8-ball, the REAL Magic 8-ball online for your asking pleasure.

The Inscrutable 8-ball revealed, digging for the answers!

Magazines & Supporters:

Snap Pop!, the ONLY music magazine for D.C., Maryland and Virginia

The Washington CityPaper, the major tabloid/zine for all things D.C.

WitMemo, home of the inimitable and highly entertaining writings of Jeff Sacks. Kismet aficionados may remember his CityPaper Tour Diary documenting that band's fateful trip to New York City. There's more where that came from on this site, and on a plethora of topics too.

Some cool D.C. Bands:

Mobia's Trip
Sisters of Morrissey
Clark's Ditch
Feckless Beast
51 Peg
The Kingdom of Leisure
Power Lloyd
Villa Rosie
The Meatjoy
Dead Girls And Other Stories
The Spontanes
3 Sense Shy


Prominent bands we like:

Guided by Voices
Fun Lovin' Criminals
The Pixies
The Offspring

Independent Music Sites of Interest:

UBL The Ultimate Band List. The name says it all. If you're looking for a really complete listing of bands that exist or have existed worldwide and links to sites about them, this is the place.

Musicdc, a new site featuring news and info about upcoming events in the DC metro area., an extensive guide to concerts and other musical goings-on.

These are some of the companies who help us support our music habits:

The U.S. Postal Service. Yes, we have a postal employee in the band.

Grafik Communications, a respected graphic design firm in Alexandria, VA.

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