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Concert Calendar
Last updated on 02/11/01. Times and dates subject to change.

February 18th at UMC
We're playing a live radio show next week at UMC. Live audiences are encouraged so come on out and join us.

March 17th at Black Cat
Snap Pop's ROCKY CHARMS SHOWCASE with green SQUATWEILER, blue THE SPONTANES and pink SIGNS POINT TO YES. Come get lucky with us on St. Paddy's Day. Drink lots and SPTY will sound real good... plus we promise to play loud. Doors open at 9 PM, all ages, $6 cheap.


NOW Music in the Park (9.15.00)
Donut sure knows how to throw a party. It was cold as hell, Dan had bronchitis, Gina had an injured back, Marcus was playing bass AND Ed was sober... but we had a great time and the crowd sure seemed to enjoy it too. With only one Marshall (and 50 watts, at that) for Gina to contend with, the audience could finally hear the vocals: an historic SPTY first! Thanks to all the folks at NOW... but especially Ben (aka Donut) for all his effort in putting together this concert series.

Oh yeah. And let us not forget our line up mates RELAY. They rocked! Check 'em out. We highly recommend 'em.

The Snap Pop! Rites of Spring Party (The Warehouse Theater 3.25.00)
13 bands, 13 artists and a crowd of 300! The rain didn't stop the Rites of Spring Party and Mult-media event from being a smashing success. From the first set to the last, it was non-stop night with two "staggered" stages of live music plus photography, painting, sculpture, mixed-media and performance art. A big thanks to all the bands and artists who came together to create a night of art and music, the many Snap Pop! staffers who volunteered their time and energy and to the Warehouse Theater and the Ruppert family for their support and for having the coolest space in town.

Rites of Spring Band Participants: Brave (formerly Arise from Thorns), DJ Funky Biscuits, Ether Net, Feckless Beast, 555, moodroom, Naughty Pine, Rupert, Signs Point to Yes, Smartbomb, The Kissing Contest and The Patsies.

Rites of Spring Artist Participants: Mike Abrams, Greg Albright, Marah Bakai, Keving Cowl, Allyson Kapin, Tim Martin, Christopher McManus, CaroLynn Mitchell, Optic Tongue, Jim Rider, Susanna Thornton, Luisa Tio and John Vitorovich.

Snap Pop! Maximum Glamage Showcase (The Black Cat 2.11.00)
What a night! With a great turnout (close to 200 which t'aint bad for winter phobic DC) that kept the Cat rocking all night long. It was great to see people come out for an entire night (and not just to see their friend's band). Locals VANITY CHAMP and CALIGARI played their asses off. And headliners COBRA VERDE took us all to ROCK SCHOOL for a lesson in good ol' fashioned Rock Star panache: from frontman John Petkovic's Jim Morrison meets Mick Jagger non-stop antics--whether he's shaking his ass at the audience or throwing his cigarette at them--to keyboardist (and thereminist) Chaz Smith's cowboy/mad scientist moves complete with miniature laser show. Damn! If you missed it, you MUST catch Cobra Verde the next time they hit DC. Oh yeah, and we had a great set. It was Meagan's first live gig with us and she kicked butt. Fans were thrilled with our set of new songs and didn't even notice that we didn't play Dumb. Hey, it's a new millennium after all! (Check out the pics HERE and HERE)

It's True! CLEVELAND Rocks (The Bottom Line 12.4.99)
It was a Rock 'n' Roll dream come true with the SPTY line up including the one and only DON DEPEW. Plus the line up (dubbed "perfect" by the sound crew) included two of our favorite bands ETHER NET and CALIGARI. At the end of the set, two of my favorite celebs (Ganja Spice and DJ E-Bag) joined us onstage for an SPTY-style sing-along. Truly a Kodak moment!

MICA Warehouse Party (11.99)
WOW! What a turnout--that Baker can sure throw a party. The crowd of about 400 came to have a good time and, boy, did they ever. (The 6 kegs were gone by 12:30 AM.) After a mellow warm-up brought to us courtesy of the cool, cerebral The Ebb and Flow, the crowd spent our entire set dancing and moshing to our nothing-but-the-hard-stuff ™ patented SPTY (keg) party pleaser. Thanks to Baker for inviting us to Baltimore--we can't wait to go back!

RED is the Color of ...
The Red Party (9.99) was a huge success with an estimated 550 to 600 through the door. Painting, sculpture and photography exhibits filled three rooms. Admidst the art displayed in one room, spoken word performances were interspersed with comic relief. In the theatre area, performance artists took the stage between Rock 'n' Roll sets. The bands ranged from the pretty, textural pop of THE SPONTANES to the edgy punk of Clark's Ditch, the garage rock meets NYC '77 exuberance of FECKLESS BEAST and the singular sounds of the theremin duo Rupert and Art. Oh, and then there was that Post-Modern Rock powerhouse Signs Point to Yes who closed out the show. Just what was that singer wearing? Whatever. By the end of the night, the benefit had far exceeded it's goal to fund two independent films... so it looks like they'll just have to make a third movie!

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