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SIGNS POINT TO YES just happened. The result of several coincidences and a jam session that clicked, the singular SPTY dual guitar sound generated by Rockholio and Mr. Blonde was immediately apparent from the first chord. Add to this guitar alchemy, the precision mayhem of drummer Special Ed and the whisper to a scream RAWK vocals of Gina X Machina and you have the Post-Modern Rock band Signs Point to Yes. Full on Rock-a-roll bringing decades of tradition together into a fresh (but familiar) new sound for the next century.

"Reminiscent of the Spiders From Mars on food stamps... SPTY's influences are as varied as the band members themselves. Drawing inspiration from ground-breaking performers the likes of Iggy Pop to Perry Farrell to Frank Zappa, this group seems intent on throwing something new and loud in the face of a decomposing industry's growing number of Xeroxed rock and roll posers. SPTY is turning fans and critics in circles trying to figure out just how to nail this band down. But based on the smiling suburban faces in the crowd that night, the band has proven that they can reach rock's most exploitable market."
Pitch Magazine


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